13 APRIL 2017


Following a tasting of Canadian Icewines done by the winemaking team at José Maria da Fonseca, an idea was brought to life to produce a similar wine, even though the climatic conditions and the region of the Setúbal Península are quite different from the cold vineyards where Icewine is produced. This wine was named Alambre Ice and is now being released.

This wine is the result of a second fermentation of a base wine of Moscatel Roxo 2005, which had been previously dealcoholized. Currently there is no official classification for this type of wine, so Domingos Soares Franco, senior winemaker at José Maria da Fonseca describes it like a “sparkling fortified wine” which can be consumed as an aperitif or as a dessert wine. Curiously, one cannot notice visually the bubbles in the wine because of its thickness. However these are quite present on the palate, providing the crackling sensation which is so characteristic of sparkling wines.

In the tasting, the colour is amber, with aromas of flowers, hazelnuts, honey, orange peel and caramel. Very fruity palate, crunchy feeling with an exceptional balance between sweetness and acidity, soft, complex and a very long aftertaste.
Should be consumed at 6ºC.