21 NOVEMBER 2017


The Trilogia Moscatel de Setúbal upgrades its packaging with a new luxury and premium look.

The Moscatel de Setúbal wines are one of the rare and precious heritages belonging to the Soares Franco family since 1834.
Trilogia Moscatel de Setúbal was blended by Domingos Soares Franco, member of the 6th generation of the family and aims to glorify three of the best vintages from the XX century, 1900, 1934 and 1965.
The story of this wine begins in 1900 with José Augusto Fernandes. Through the craftsmanship of António Soares Franco Jr, member of the 4thh generation of the family, comes the exquisite 1934 wine. The last vintage of superb quality is the 1965 and was the work of António Porto Soares Franco, already in the 5th generation of the family. The Trilogia is limited to 2400 bottles.

Classification: D.O.C. Moscatel de Setúbal
Region: Península de Setúbal
Grape varieties: Moscatel de Setúbal
Type of soil: Clay-Lime
Wine production: 1200 litres

Tasting notes:
Colour: Dark amber
Aroma: Dry fruits (almonds, hazelnuts and nuts) and honey
Palate: Rich and sweet
Finish: Very long

Vinification: Following century-old tradition at José Maria da Fonseca, fermentation is halted with the addition of brandy when the residual sugar is 90g/l and alcohol 18%. It has a skin contact time of five months. These skins are pressed in March and the pressed wine is added to the free run wine.
Ageing: In old oak casks until bottled.
Serving suggestions: Trilogia should be enjoyed with a good cigar. If you prefer, serve it at 16ºC with chocolate cake.
Shelf life:These wines are subjected in their aging, a natural oxidation process. Thus, there is no progress after bottling. If the bottle storage after open is done correctly, this wine will remain the same for many year.