14 AGO 2020



Wine critic Mark Squires, from Wine Advocate – Robert Parker – has rated Periquita Superyor 2015 and José Maria da Fonseca Moscatel Roxo 20 Years Old, with 95 points, in the article “Portugal: New Releases from “A” to “Z”. With this score, Periquita Superyor 2015 becomes the highest-rated red wine from the Setúbal Península and the José Maria da Fonseca Moscatel Roxo 20 Years Old is the best-rated fortified wine in the article.

Mark Squires considers that “José Maria da Fonseca is best known, perhaps, for two things: the brand Periquita and fortified Moscatels. The former is largely considered a value wine. The glory tends to be from the latter category. Right? Well, the fortifieds are in fine shape, but the most interesting wine might be the 2015 José Maria da Fonseca Periquita Superyor (yes, spelled just that way), an upper-level version of a Periquita. I believe that’s the highest table-wine score I’ve given to this winery. It stole the show.”

In the Periquita Superyor 2015, Squires highlights the extravagance of the Castelão grape variety: “Just lovely, this, with its delayed release, shows that flamboyant Castelão fruit becoming more nuanced. It still projects strong strawberry flavors, but now it is also complex and intriguing, not to mention rather delicious. That's not all. The structure is superb too. It well supports the fruit, defines it and lifts it. The mid-palate seems solid. The wine overall is fresh. This looks like a long-distance runner—it should age well and continue to develop. It seems like the best I've seen in the brand so far.”

With the José Maria da Fonseca Moscatel Roxo 20 Years Old, Squires was impressed: “The powerful aromatics are expressive before you even get to taste this. The concentration is impressive too. Needless to say, it's delicious and dense but also fresh and complex, laced with chocolate and oranges. If you've never had a great Roxo before, you'll taste this and wonder why it is not rated even higher. All I can say is that the region produces amazing fortifieds, and the scale only goes to 100. This is super.”, he added.

Apart from these scores, Mark Squires has rated Hexagon 2015 with 94 points and stated that this wine is “serious, structured and concentrated, this has an interesting flavor medley, but everything folds more easily into the whole. There is a firm finish, though. It is a great performance in this brand” and gave 91 points to the Moscatel de Setúbal DSF Private Collection Armagnac 2002 and DSF Private Collection Cognac 1998.